The three best places to have Throw pillows in your home

The three best places to have throw pillows in your home.

ok so you want to get a throw pillow for your home but where do you place it.

Let's start by understanding why you need one in your home because it,s cool yes it is.  Throw pillow meaning well it is a  small decorative pillow that you place in your home so it can stand out and look different. Like a fashion statement for your home it,s trying to say not your normal couch look at my pillow.
Have a look at the example image below.

You can see how cool it looks with a throw pillow added to your home. It gives it something different for people to see in a home even makes a good conversation starter.

What,s That

Oh it,s my bear that has had his heart broken because he has spilled his coffee on the table.
Oh, looks cool where can I get one????

Most people get a throw pillow and place it on the couch but we are not going to talk about throw pillows for couch's lets talk about other locations.  
Ok, so you can see you should get one in your home so let's talk about where to place it. I have three places I want to talk about with you for your throw pillow lets call them pillow locations for you

Location 1 

On your bed 

ok, so I know what you are thinking maybe you have enough pillows on your bed or maybe you don't have enough but think of it like this can you have enough pillows on your bed and at a time like this. I mean winter more is better right so this is my first location the bedroom. 

Location 2 

On the kitchen chair 

The next location you may think are you ok but let me tell you it,s a great place and that place is on the kitchen chair. Yes in your kitchen place a throw pillow on the chair. This will give your home a little bit of sparkle it,s not every day you see a pillow in the kitchen right. This looks awesome on a wooden chair set in the kitchen if you have plastic then it will look funny haha.

Location 3

In the study room 

The study room ok let us think about it how many times have you wanted to punch something when you get it wrong after hours of study. I would turn to the pillow plus you can also cry in it programmers will know what I mean. haha Yeah, this only works if you have a chair but what study room has not got a chair. Maybe you have a bean bag and just chilly study but it will still work.

ok so great so now we have the three locations for your throw pillows it is time to get some ajsmartstore that has great high-quality throw pillows. You can have a look at all the throw pillows designs JUST LOOK AT THE  TOP OF THE  PAGE AT COLLECTIONS THROW PILLOWS. 

thanks a lot for taking the time to read this have a good one and until next time. 

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