Top five must have things on game day.


Ok, it is game day let’s go wait what do you need to bring well we have your top five things that you must bring to game day to make it both comfortable and maybe a little fun. Gameday can be hard for the moms and dads like you sitting out in the sun all day it is super hard and not fun. We have a list of five things you must have things check the list and make sure you bring them on game day we promise that they will help you out. 


1. Fold-up chair. 

I am sure you all bring this one or if you don’t your legs will thank me later or maybe they have seating at the event. But a great fold-up chair that looks cool is essential on game day. One great thing about it is that you can bring to a new shady place when the sun change that’s why it is super important plus you can find a great spot with fewer people. 

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2. Umbrella. 

You got the chair now the next part of the piece is the umbrella you got no shade so let’s make some. Umbrellas are great to keep you cool when it gets hot they are an essential thing to have plus a cool drink in hand and then you can sit back and watch the kids play. 


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3. Phone charger.

ok, so the last thing you want is for your phone battery to go flat, and then you will not be able to catch that amazing moment that your son or daughter make that goal or get that point for their team. That’s why you really need a portable phone charger plus it gets boring sometimes you want to be able to text people maybe sneak in a show or listen to music while watching your kids play sports. 

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4. Water bottle or tumbler 

The next one on the list is easy.s a water bottle or a tumbler not just for the kids but yourself it gets hot outside in summer watching people run around so this is a must. A water bottle is great for hot days and so is a tumbler it will help to keep that coffee hot or that drink nice and cool this will help you a lot on the hot days. 

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5. First aid kit 

Next on the list is the first aid kit you would rather have one than not have one at all. But the day you don’t have one is the day that you would need one so it is important. Plus, first aid kits are easy and good to have and if something happens like a cut then you are all prepared. 


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 Ok, we hope you like the list of five things that you must have on that big day out with the kids to keep you both happy and safe. Maybe we have something on the list that you did not think of or maybe you do not look at it as something essential.