Top 10 summer sports for kids in 2022


Ok, it is summertime again, and now it's time to get the kids outside and do something. It could be a sport or just an activity that they will love. But with so many sports and different outdoor activities which one to pick? What is a good easy sport for your children to play this summer?  Now your problem asking yourself what are the benefits of each one? Why is it good for my child to learn or do?


 Don't worry we have a list for you to look at in no particular order. We have ten professional summer sports and activities that we think will both benefit your children and one that they will love and like to play this summer in 2022. They are among the top 10 easiest sports in the world to do for your children.  Some are what we think maybe the easiest sports to learn quickly this summertime.


Let’s kick the list off with your top ten sports in no particular order for kids in 2022 that are both fun easy sports.

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Skateboarding
  • Bodyboarding
  • Surfing
  • Beach volleyball
  • Frisbee Golf.
  • Bike riding




Ok let’s start with the first on the list swimming, now it is a great way to stay cool in the hot summer plus you could go for a dip. What are the benefits of Swimming? Swimming is a great sport to keep your children fit and healthy and active in the summertime. Don’t forget to bring a hat and sunscreen. We are talking about swimming in the pool but if you are lucky enough that you can go swimming in the ocean then go for it. Children love to splash around in the pool and learn new swimming styles.




Next on the list is basketball you got to love this sport many adults and children love to play basketball most parks have a basketball hop or club near your home have a look around your local area you might be surprised at what you see.  What are the benefits of basketball?  It is great because it teaches kids teamwork and always helps them to learn to play by rules and have fun with a large group of people.



Yes, it is baseball how can we have a list without baseball it is a great fun sport for people to play.  what are the benefits of baseball? well, Kids learn to use hand and eye coordination and learn to work together in a team. Plus, they can get outside and support their friends learn new tricks and batting styles and run around over a great sport plus it is something that most parents love to watch with their kids.



Ok next on the list is tennis this is a sport that keeps growing in popularity every year. What are the benefits of tennis? well, let me tell you that tennis is a sport that sure will keep them supper fit with all the running and hitting on the court this on will surely burn a lot of energy for your children. Plus, the great thing about tennis is that you have a lot to learn about the different racket styles and the different types of hits to master.



Next on the list is skateboarding I know what you think it is dangerous for my son or daughter. Well if you do not have a helmet or knee pads then it can be dangerous so make sure that you have all the safety gear before you let your kids play in the beginning.  What are the benefits of skateboarding? well, the endless tricks and places to go skate like all the amazing parks or just even the street they can meet and make new friends doing that sport. Yes, skateboarding is now an Olympic sport.



Ok if you are a lucky person and you have a home near the sea with some waves then this is a great sport to try this summer. What are the benefits of Bodyboarding? Bodyboarding is not as hard as surfing you don’t have to worry about balance just timing with the waves and once they understand that then you can be on your way and watch them learn balance.



Surfing is another great water sport to get your kid to try in 2022. Everyone loves the sea however you have got to be one of the lucky people that live near the sea just like bodyboarding. What are the benefits of surfing? Well, Surfing is a great way for kids to have a better understanding of the dangers of the sea like a riptide and currents and how to navigate them. This is great so kids learn and great sport plus safety on the sea.


Beach volleyball

Next on the list is beach volleyball it is a great way to play with friends and have a good time at the beach but don’t forget your sun skin and hat What are the benefits of beach volleyball.  Beach volley will help your child get a better understanding of hand and eye coordination and teamwork and social interaction with other people.


Frisbee Golf.

Ok, I know what you're thinking maybe you have heard of Frisbee golf or not but it is getting very popular in places and its a fun sport to do, just like golf you have a whole however you need to place the Frisbee by throwing it in a kind of net they have 18 or 9 holes in the field. What are the benefits of Frisbee golf? well, this is a great one for the dad that likes to play golf to do with their family this one is a great family activity.


Bike riding

The last on the list is bike riding it is a great and fun sport that all the family can enjoy together outdoors. What are the benefits of bike riding? The great thing about bike riding is that you can start it easy all you need is a bike and you can do it in your local park or neighborhood.


So we hope that you like the list of the top 10 summer sports for your child this summer.  Did we miss something? lets us know with a comment about it. Also what sport have you tried with your children before also let us know?