Healthy Snacks for Kids on game day.

We all want your kids to eat healthily and on sports, day snacks are a great way to give them enough energy to keep going and keep having fun. Like all things, the right snacks make a big difference in the day and on sports day or game day this is super important. We have a list of some great snacks for your kids to have on game day to help them reach their full potential and maybe boost their chances of victory that day.

Snack has so many choices you can pick from and the supermarket has endless options were do you start? What is the right snack for that big game to give your kids? We’ll have a look at your list this will help you decide and understand what the best choice is for that game day give it a try at the next game and see if it helps your child.

Ok, fist lets understand that we have three different types of snacks pre-game half-time and post-game snacks. We will give you some snacks to try for all three it is up to you to pick which ones you want to use on the game day. Maybe try all three or just one we will leave that up to you.



Pre-Game Sports Snacks

Ok before the big game you can give your kid some snacks we recommend giving them carbohydrates to help them. Carbohydrates with protein will work best to get them ready to play. But be warned you will have to experiment to see what your children are like. Some kids will get digestive problems before going on the field so you will have to see what works best for your kid.
We have some foods that you can try for your kid before the game starts they are below check them out.


  • Cereal
  • Plain popcorn
  • Apples, bananas, pears, oranges, or any other fruit
  • Enriched pasta
  • brown rice



Ok, we also have some great carbohydrate with protein snacks for you have a look down below at the list.

  • Crackers with cheese
  • Fruited yogurt
  • Granola or energy bar
  • Cereal with milk/yogurt
  • butter and jelly sandwich

Half-time snacks

Ok so it is half time and your kid can take a rest now it time to have a snack but what should you give them I wonder. Well we can tell you the best option is to give them fruit kids love it and it is super easy to make and pack and will give them that power to keep them going. Fresh fruit is great to help keep them hydrated on that game day. This works well in summer when it is super-hot and they kids will love it we recommend keeping the fruit on ice if you can or in a cooler to keep them cold the kids will love it on a hot day after they have been running around.

Have a look below for your list of fresh fruit that will help on game day.


  • Bananas
  • Orange slices
  • Grapes (don’t give to kids under 5 )
  • Apple or pear wedges (place some orange juice to prevent browning on them )



Pre-game snacks



Right after a big game, you must give your child some fluids we recommend water or milk. The reason is your child needs to get back fluids in their body especially after a hot day running outside all day this is very important. You could also use a sports drink for the older kids to help them get back all those carbohydrates

The best thing to do is water and snacks for your kids after sports day this is what we recommend down below we have some ideas for you to try. 


  • Fresh fruit
  • Rolls made with 100% fruit
  • Yogurt
  • String cheese
  • Smoothies made with yogurt, fruit,

Ok, we hope at ajsmartstore we have given you some ideas of what to give your kid on that busy day next time you are in the supermarket and you have a game day on its way don’t forget this list. We will leave it up to you to pick if you want to give your kid pre-game half-time or post-game snacks. We recommend seeing what works best for your kids and the only way is to do a little experimenting. Thanks for reading this post have a great day.

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